Opal Basil- 2oz & 4oz

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Opal Basil microgreens produce purple leaves and stems with a warm bronze highlight. Opal basil leaves are egg-shaped with sparsely toothed edges and a variable purple to burgundy color. The color of the basil intensifies with maturity, although variegated green leaves are considered normal in Opal basil. This hybrid basil variety has a slightly stronger anise flavor than the common green sweet basil, with mild ginger undertones and a potent aroma. Opal basil is considered savory when compared to the standard sweet basil and is used for it flavor and color alike. Opal basil has a compound of vitamins and minerals that make it a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory properties. Unique to the Opal basil variety is the addition of anthocyanins, which are currently being extensively research and discovered to be of particular value to human health. Reference Credit: Specialty Produce.com